Production, Shipping & Information

Production Times & Shipping Policies

 Shipping Claims Policy: 

If you receive a package that has been damaged during shipping and the bows have been damaged on the inside PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE as soon as you receive the package and CONTACT US immediately. If the delivery man is still there, do not let him or her drop the package, simply refuse the damaged package (after you take a picture if possible) and they will return it to us and we will take it from there. If the damaged package has been delivered; CALL US before returning the bows, we want to talk to you about the best solution for the situation. In our experience, this is a rare occurrence and we will handle shipping claims on a case by case basis.

Production Time

February through August you can expect an average of 3 days to produce, pack and ship your order. If you have a specific date when you need your bows, please contact us and let us know so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. September through January you can expect orders to be produced, packed and shipped within 1 to 2 days depending upon what day and time your order was received.

Delivery | Shipping Time

Is determined by the carrier. For standard free shipping orders we use USPS. If you would like us another carrier please call or email us.

Expedited Shipments

We would be happy to expedite your order at your expense; please call us to discuss.

Late Orders

We hate late orders as much as you do...if you have a specific date when you need your bows; please call or email us so that we may plan with you the appropriate shipping method to make this happen. Standard free shipping orders have no guaranteed specific time of delivery, thus they cannot be late. Orders that were expedited at an additional cost are the responsibility of the carrier in possession of the product to be delivered. BUT we would like to work with you for a solution to this situation that is agreeable to all, please call us if you believe your order is late or going to be late.

Custom Delivery Dates

Would you like to have your bows delivered to you on a specific upcoming date? No problem, simple add instructions detailing the desired delivery date and we will make the arrangements to have your bows handmade and shipped at that time. Once we receive your note, we will be calling you to discuss your order...or you can contact us at anytime to discuss.

Returns | Refused Orders

You may return the bows for any reason at your expense. Please be sure to return the bows in their original condition in their original packaging. Once we receive the bows in that condition, we will issue the refund.

Incorrect | UnDeliverable USPS Address

At the time of purchase we ask for you to enter your USPS address. If you enter the wrong address and the package is determined undeliverable, for any reason, by the US Postman we are going to ask that you pay for the reshipment of your bows. If we make an address mistake we will be happy to pay for the reshipment. We will not pay for expedited shipping if you did not specify a delivery date when ordering.

Preferred Shipper

USPS is our preferred carrier. If you have a preferred shipper you would like to use at your expense, just let us know.

International Shipping

We would be happy to ship internationally at your expense. Contact us and let's talk.