Reviews of Handmade Christmas Bows

"High Quality, Beautifully Made"


 "These  Christmas bows are incredibly well put together.  They look beautiful in my home  and clearly crafted and packaged with pride.  I am quite frankly amazed  to find something handmade and of such high quality online. "



 "Perfect bows. I just love them so much. Even  the wire on the back is generous enough that hanging is very easy. I am  decorating challenged and I can't say enough about how beautiful these Christmas bows make my Christmas tree."

"Amazing Bows"


"I had purchased similar outdoor Christmas bows at Michael’s  years ago, but the quality there has diminished so much on products like these. I was unable to find a matching bow, these match exactly and are  even more lovely."



"Beautiful, beautiful bow.  Flawless and a timeless outdoor Christmas bows.  Worth every penny.  Thank you for packaging these bows so  carefully.  Can’t wait to get them up on my wreaths for Christmas."

"Bow Perfection"


"These Christmas bows are almost too pretty to hang outside in the elements! Such care and  pride went into every single bow! They are the perfect outdoor Christmas bows to add to our  garland!"

Custom Order


"We  ordered several large red Christmas bows from The Handmade Bow that were customized for us with red wire edging instead of the gold. They are  BEAUTIFUL!!!  They were tied beautifully and were Christmas red"

Handmade Christmas Bow Reviews

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