Pre Order Handmade Christmas Bows

How to Pre-Order Handmade Bows

Are you ready to order your Christmas Bows but not ready to take delivery? Are you on a decorating committee, volunteer group, association, that would like to buy your commercial Christmas decorations prior to the Christmas season but receive the bows at a later specified date?

Pre Ordering Handmade bows is simple. Just place your order, while checking out, type a note to us letting us know when you would like to receive your bows. Once we receive your order with the note, we will contact you to discuss the specifics of your order. At that time we will set a delivery window and schedule your bow to be made as close the delivery date as possible.

Do you have a LARGE pre-order of 144 bows or more? Please contact us to discuss your order prior to purchasing. We would like to talk to you about offering you a DISCOUNT off your Handmade Bow order.

Seasonal Specialty Bows - We highly encourage you to consider Pre Ordering any seasonal specialty bows you would like. For example if you want Halloween Bows; it is best to Pre Order your bows sometime during one of the months of spring. This will give everyone enough time to agree on the materials, bow style, delivery time, etc. It just makes for a more comfortable buying experience.

Wedding Bows should be pre-ordered as far in advance as possible. Because of how special of an occassion a wedding is; it is very important that we have as much time as we possibly can have so that we make that extra effort to make sure all the details have been attended to.

Professional Decorators & Retailers

Are you a professional Christmas decorator | installer? Maybe a landscaping professional offering an added value service during the Christmas Season? Or a niche business owner with Christmas Tree lots, specialty shops or market days booths? Or a wreath maker, or do you offer gift baskets? If you need Christmas Bows, please call us. We can save you time and money. 

Professional Decorators

We have been making bows for 45+ years we are the professional bow makers, let us help you. You will be so happy when the bows arrive and you did not have to make them. Call 508-788-0176 or email